When is the Best Time to Install a Roof?

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Planning maintenance for an investment property requires landlords to walk a fine line. Repairs and upgrades are expected over time, but a good landlord isn’t going to want to inconvenience their tenants.

Maintenance disruptions are unwelcomed by both residential and commercial tenants in Houston. Fortunately, most roofing updates aren’t urgent and can be planned at a time when it can be completed with minimal disruptions. Fast Track Roofing can help by offering fast estimates and flexible scheduling so it’s easier to plan for a new roof when it’s most convenient for you.

What Causes Roof Leaks in Investment Properties?

Aging roofing material and damaged seals often cause roof leaks on both residential and commercial investment properties. Like any home, roofing shingles are only designed to last 20-30 years. Commercial buildings in Houston with flat roofs may have issues with deteriorating materials and membranes over time. When roofing begins to fail, the landlord and tenant are both inconvenienced.

The most common reasons a roof may leak include:

Failing flashing

All edges and seams on a roof are carefully flashed to redirect water from vulnerable areas when it rains. Metal flashing can bend and break over time, and in Houston, weather and hot temperatures can also affect the longevity of flashing materials.

Broken membranes

Roof seals age and deteriorate over time. Especially on flat roofs, foot traffic, debris like leaves and branches, and intense Houston storms can damage a roof and intensify growing issues.

Unsealed openings around skylights and vent pipes

Anything that protrudes through a roof, whether it be venting, doorways, or skylights requires special maintenance to ensure weatherproofing, grading, and flashing. Water will always try to find its way into these unsealed openings, so it’s important to make sure they are well maintained.


Roofing materials fail gradually, and age is one of the biggest reasons that Houston investment property owners seek a new roof. With proper maintenance, roofing can last 20-30 years. When it’s time to consider getting a new roof, contact the team at Fast Track Roofing.

The Best Time to Consider Getting a New Roof in Houston

Fast Track Roofing can install a new roof any time during the year. We also understand that as a landlord or commercial property owner, there’s more to consider than the weather:

  • Make all necessary repairs as soon as you acquire an investment property
  • Choose a timeframe between tenants when your property is not leased
  • If retail sales may be affected by construction, avoid peak times like November and December; similarly, if your investment property hosts outdoor dining, consider scheduling repairs during the winter.

An old roof doesn’t become an issue of habitability unless the roof is damaged to the point where it’s steadily leaking, damaging indoor property, and becoming a danger for property damage and mold growth.

Will property insurance cover the costs of a new roof?

If you need to install a new roof before you lease your investment property, a good insurance company may reimburse you for any lost rent caused by the upcoming construction. When you’re setting up your policy, be sure to ask about your coverage options for peace of mind.

Can residents live in the house while you get a new roof?

Maybe! First and foremost, installing a new roof can be inconvenient for tenants; however, depending on the extent of the roof repairs, your rental property may not be habitable. The team at Fast Track Roofing can help you gauge how disruptive it will be to remove an old roof and install a new one so you can set expectations with your tenants.

If roofing repairs are urgent, a landlord or investment property manager may want to offer alternative housing to residents so that they are, literally, not left without a roof over their head.

Who Is Responsible for Roof Repairs?

If you’re the property owner or the landlord, roofing repairs are your responsibility; however, it’s always best for commercial tenants to have their own insurance policies to protect personal property. There are many types of investment properties and insurance policies to consider. Roof damage can affect the quality of living for resident tenants, and loss of retail sales if a store experiences damage or needs to close due to the roof leak.

As a landlord, you should monitor for changing conditions in your investment property’s roof. If you see or hear about leaks in the ceiling or the walls, bubbling paint, discolorations in drywall, or experience flooding, pay attention. For insurance purposes, it’s important that both you and your tenants take photos and videos of the damage so that it can be reported to the insurance company.

Get an Estimate For a New Roof in Houston

Fast Track Roofing uses satellite technology to get an aerial view of your investment property and provide fast estimates. Skip the in-person scheduling and sales routine, and use out online services to for a future roof replacement. If you’d prefer to speak with one of our team members, give us a call at (346) 857-0466.

We’re proud to serve the city of Houston and its surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a roof for your residential or commercial investment property, get started today with a quote from Fast Track Roofing.

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