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Fast Track Roofing Maintains Pricing During Period of National Material Price Increases

While the cost of supplies has gone up across the board, the company’s aim is not to pass these increases to the consumer.

Houston, TX – Fast Track Roofing is pleased to announce that despite national price increases for roofing supplies, it will not be passing these extra costs to its customers.

Fast Track Roofing LLC was founded in 2018 by owner and CEO, Jeff Perry, specializing in new roof installs for investors. Since its inception, the company has also pivoted to the retail industry and has completed over 1,800 roof replacements on single-family homes across Houston and surrounding areas.

In recent weeks, roofing and construction companies across the nation have seen a rise in the cost of materials needed to complete jobs for their clients. While many of these companies are adding these extra costs onto their customers’ invoices, Fast Track Roofing has decided not to raise their prices (held firm with their competitive pricing). This move comes from the company’s mission to provide superior quality customer service at all times.

“Unfortunately, the cost of roofing supplies has continued to increase, especially during these tumultuous times,” says Perry. “Businesses and individuals are already facing many financial hardships. While we can’t control the cost of materials, we can control our decision to keep our prices the same – despite the rising cost of products. This choice is in response to supporting our customers who we humbly thank for their continued business and positive reviews, year after year.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate with 100% fair pricing – today!”

About Fast Track Roofing

Fast Track Roofing serves Houston homeowners and Houston real estate agents in need of a new Houston roof for their clients.  The company is a licensed roofing contractor by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, GAF Certified, and is also a proud, accredited roofing contractor by the Better Business Bureau.

About Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry is a roofer, general contractor, real estate investor, and new home builder who became passionate about construction at an early age, seeing many homes torn down and rebuilt in his childhood neighborhood. As such, Jeff started his construction career building new homes in Houston and then in Austin, Texas. Additionally, he built more than one hundred homes before moving into the remodeling and rehabbing side of real estate.

In 2011, Jeff started with Fast Track Remodeling as a project manager and became CEO just four years later in 2015. With the help of the Fast Track Remodeling team, Fast Track completed close to 1900 rehabs while Jeff was the CEO.

Jeff boasts over 17 years of construction experience and a strong eye for detail – always striving to turn out a quality project with integrity every time.

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