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Are you a Houston Homeowner? 

In 2021, the average American homeowner spent an average of 13.2 years in their home before moving to a new one. So why would you, as a homeowner, want to purchase a 50-year warranty on your roof if you statistically might be moving in less than half that duration?

The answer is simple - the warranty transfers to whoever buys the house from you.

For example, let's say you paid for a new roof ten years ago, transferred to another city, and are now trying to sell the house with that same roof.

During the house selling inspection, the inspector will point out that your roof is ten years old and that the buyer might want a reduction in the home's purchase price for any future repairs made to the roof as part of the sale.

However, If you purchased a transferable 50-year warranty, the new buyer has a full 40 years left on the materials guaranteed by the manufacturer! So, if the new buyer needs a new roof or any repairs within the next 40 years, they still have time within the warranty to address the issue.

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Are you a Houston Realtor? 

How can you advise your buyer about the benefits of a new roof with a transferable 50-year warranty? 

Easy–tell them the truth!

During the home-buying process, buyers must complete a roof inspection before purchasing a new home. In this step–why not consider a new roof with a local Houston roofing company that offers a transferable 50-year warranty? 

It's a win-win. For you and your buyer! 

Your buyer gets the roof they need with a warranty they can transfer (if they move in the future). You as their realtor will not only provide your buyer with a secure roof and peace of mind from a local Houston roofing company, but that 50-year warranty will be a great selling point if that buyer ever decides to sell in the future. 

You win no matter which side you represent.

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