What Does Paid At Closing Mean?

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Attention Real Estate Broker and Agents!

Help your seller get their house SOLD with our Paid At Closing program!

With the Paid At Closing program, Fast Track Roofing can now help your sellers defer the cost of roof replacement on their homes until closing. Often, homeowners are forced to sell their houses at a discount much greater than the cost of a new roof simply because they do not have the money out of pocket to cover the cost. Buyers’ agents and their clients know this and use it as a negotiation far too often. Let your client take back control of the deal by being able to offer a brand-new roof in full confidence as part of their negotiation process.

What if the Deal Falls Apart?

Let’s be real, this is real estate, and for a million different reasons deals can fall apart. So, if closing DOES NOT occur, Fast Track will record the Note and Deed of Trust to secure its lien. The term of the financing will be for 30 days after the sale is cancelled.

Every real estate professional such as yourself that we have spoken with has loved this concept and thought it was a great tool to assist the seller with the sometimes-onerous costs of replacing their roof in order to sell the property.

Contact us for more information on our Paid at Closing program at (346) 857-0466 or inquire online.

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