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At Fast Track Roofing, we pride ourselves in using the best products for our clients. We want to ensure longevity of our roofs and uphold our standard of high-quality Houston roofing service.

‍Fast Track Roofing offers the upgrade option of installing Bullet Boot roof boots on all of our Houston Roofs.

The Bullet Boot is a new patented product designed to aesthetically replace the old toxic lead pipe boot at a competitive price. These boots are a one-piece flexible rubber TPE pipe flashing. This is a one-piece flexible design that goes on the outside as well as the inside of the pipe. The Bullet Boot has one hundred percent UV protection. Furthermore, the boots make an ideal flashing for all types of shingle, tile, metal, and TPO roofing. Additionally, all our boots come with rodent screen built in the top. This prevents rodents, birds, and other critters from entering the vent. As well, the screen prevents unwanted debris from entering the vent. There is no need to paint since it comes in many colors to match virtually any roof application. Finally, this innovative product adapts to any roof pitch due to its flexible material.

The Benefits of Using The Bullet Boot:

  • Installs in half the time vs. lead boots.
  • TPE flexible pipe boot and flashing.
  • 100% UV protected.
  • Adapts to any roof pitch.
  • Replaces toxic lead pipe cover.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • No painting.
  • Comes with a pest screen.
  • Covers the pipe inside and out

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