Is Your Houston Roofing Contractor Licensed?

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Is Your Roofing Contractor Licensed to Roof?

Did you know that the State of Texas does not have a license or any regulation of the roofing industry? Anyone can claim to be a "roofer" in Texas. During a storm situation especially, there is a large rise in the number of roofing contractors in the area. Unfortunately we also have a high rate of scamming and insurance fraud from "fly-by-night" contractors due to lack: of state regulation. The consumers ultimately pay for this with enormous out of pocket expenses including higher insurance premiums and deductibles.

The RCAT Licensed Roofing Contractor program was developed to increase consumer protection and secure public confidence in the roofing industry by elevating the roofing contractor's knowledge, skills and professionalism through voluntary self-regulation.

RCAT takes the pressure off of you by verifying that a contractor has met the standards of a true professional roofing contractor. To become a voluntarily Licensed Roofing Contractor, the applicant must be a principal in a roofing company that has been domiciled in the state of Texas for at least three continuous years AND carry insurance. After a thorough credit and background check:, the individual must pass a business and safety knowledge exam plus a residential and/or commercial roofing exam, PLUS maintain eight hours of continuing education each year!

In the state of Texas, there is no requirement for its roofing contractors to carry any sort of state license to carry out their work. There is, however, a voluntary licensing process through the Roofing Contractors Association in Texas, it only makes sense to check your contractor out to see if they are members. Fast Track Roofing is proudly recognized as a Licensed Roofing Contractor by the RCAT - Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

Fast Track Roofing has served over 1,500 Houston area homes and looks forward to many more!  If it’s time for your Houston roof replacement, please contact us for a free quote today! We offer a great financing option as well. Call us today, your local choice for quality Houston roofing services & property specialists at (346) 857-0466.

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